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Sellfy Review - Customizable Online Storefront | Start a 14-day Trial Today!

There are several free ways to find marketing ways but is it as easy as said? The various factors that come into the picture like building a digital site, searching for a network of people to purchase from you, and introducing guest posts or reviews to expand your reach. This takes a whole lot of time and money and at one point in time, you feel distressed at the simple thought of getting into the business. 

What if you find a simple tool that can help to turn your social media channel or website into an online store simultaneously sharing your digital products with a huge network who are already searching for products similar to your market. 



Sellfy is one such platform where you can build your storefront, broadcast your products to numerous in your network and also have a chance to post and sell your products. This platform makes your e-commerce process slightly easier with some relaxation to your time and money.

Main Features

Ease of Use 

Appreciatively, there is no initial payment, nor any card information required to explore things on Sellfy. The 14 days free trial period helps you understand the platform better. It is very easy to Sign up with basic information and once done, you will be directed to the on-boarding channel that is accessible in the form of a 7-part checklist. 

The aim is to explain the steps of creating and customizing the online store along with managing and selling your digital products. On the whole, the entire setup process takes a few minutes and the simple steps make it easier for even beginners to follow them.

Once you start, managing the store is also hassle-free. The dashboard is a mix of simplicity and easy functionality. The intuitive, well-organized, and simple system is equally refreshing and interesting to use. 


The Home Menu is the main screen where you can access all important tracking functions. You can view Subscriptions, Orders, Analytics, and Customers for quick insights.

Next, you have the Products field where you can easily manage your items. You can share the products easily on your social media just with a click of a button. You can embed your Buy button on third-party websites including YouTube and Facebook. This way, you can convert your social media followers to your customers. 

Customizing your Online Store

Sellfy’s default storefront is simple, clean, and organized. You can get started with the customization process and edit your content as well as the layout. The layout’s color schemes can be adjusted along with altering buttons, header, page style, logo, etc. 


There is no scope for advanced customization as the platform is in itself very simple and bland. The max that can be done is to add social media profiles and edit store pages. The storefront comprises the standard web pages seen on any basic online store which includes About, Contact and Terms. Customizing them is very easy and can be done with a single click and pages can be changed or eliminated. 

The Store Settings lets you tweak general settings, payment settings, embed options, product categories, email templates, taxes, and invoice settings. You can enhance your online sales with a wide range of decent integrations. 

Your sales traffic can be monitored with Google Analytics. Twitter Ads Conversation Tracking analyzes business via Twitter. Facebook Ads and Facebook Live can be integrated for customer engagement. The most important integration is that with Zapier since it provides access to numerous app integrations. 

Product Management

Sellfy’s product management is straightforward and the functionalities are self-explanatory that makes uploading your digital items hassle-free. It lets you specify the product price and description along with the item name. In addition to it, you can even add images to make your product page more intuitive. If you wish, you can also add the product keywords in the product description section that can optimize your sales page in the search engine. 


There is no limitation on the number of items you want to sell. The entry-level plan also lets you upload several products. The major point to be noted here is that products should be arranged and placed in their specific categories. The platform has a handy product category of Sellfy lets you organize your digital products like photos, videos, books, subscriptions, etc.

The platform’s ‘Pay What You Want’ improves the conversion rates and lets customers figure out their buying amount as per their affordability. This feature is also important for a subscription-based business as you can retain your customers for a long time giving them the choice to select a fairer rate. The subscriptions here can be automatically renewed on a monthly or annual basis.

Marketing and Promotion Tools

Sellfy includes ultimate email marketing capacities, promo coupons, and product discounts. You even have an option of upselling for your customers. Your marketing emails can be configured to target specific customers grouped on parameters like subscription status, product category, purchase, etc. This is useful to initiate repeated purchases in the future.


Customer loyalty can be driven by discount offers in the form of codes that can be set once the product is selected. This can also be used in upsells to boost more customer purchases. Upsells are special offers offered to customers intending to let customers purchase supplementary items to what they already have in their cart. 

Sellfy lets you build campaigns for your digital products, from choosing the items to devise a discount percentage, date of expiry, and messages. A well-defined call to action helps in boosting the average income per sale. 

Payment Options

Sellfy supports only two payment options- Stripe and PayPal. These options can work as these are the most extensively used payment gateways worldwide. Compared to even these both, PayPal is the gateway more dominant than Stripe. Though with certain limitations, both the gateways offer secure and instant digital payment gateways for most credit and debit cards. The customer card information will also be equally secured in Sellfy. 


Even with this, the payment integration is not as simple as you are required to copy Strip’s or PayPal’s API code and paste it into your Sellfy account.


Another notable feature is the monitoring of digital downloads from other unauthorized channels. The platform controls file access by sending unique download links to customers and restricting the download limit to five. Any additional download would be blocked automatically. 

Sellfy also maintains a secure environment combining SSL encryption with PCI DSS compliance along with other important security measures. The payment details are also secured by encryption. 

Target Users

Sellfy has been designed for users who wish to sell digital products and membership subscriptions. Amazingly, you do not require an e-commerce site and can proceed to sell without creating your website. You just need to embed your shopping cart templates onto third-party websites.

Sellfy can be used to sell any kind of downloadable files such as images, software, audio files, videos, documents, books, and many more. The membership on the other hand can be configured to renew weekly, monthly, or annually. 

Sellfy has a very simple online selling approach and the entire framework provides simple to use tools for building and managing online business with any technical expertise. You just need a few minutes to get started with an online store on Sellfy which means that it is for sure a hassle-free experience even for beginners. 


Who should use Sellfy?

Sellfy is recommended to people who sell more than five products. The free trial gives a complete insight into the platform. This works great for sellers who own huge digital libraries and need extra tools for discounting PDF stampings and analytics.


The pricing in Sellfy is simple with no hidden costs or any transactional fees. While there are no free packages, they do offer a 14 day free plan to explore and later upgrade.


The Starter plan starts at $29, Business at $59 and Premium at $129. To further reduce the subscription cost, you can buy membership at flat 34% discount for annual billing. Therefore, the Starter Plan then can be availed at $19/month, Business Plan drops at $39/month and the Premium Plan at $89/month.

Sellfy Support

Sellfy site has a noticeable FAQ section that is helpful in presale questions. Sellfy documentation is easy to understand with the required items listed. The support team can be contacted only through email support. So, there is no phone support but you can get notified with a paid plan. You can reach out to the support team and learn about the platform through the blog section, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.  


⇒ The entire interface is well-organized, neat, and remarkably simple to use

⇒ Sellfy enables your online store to embed with third-party platforms

⇒ Provides satisfactory email marketing tools

⇒ Can accommodate an unlimited number of products

⇒ The default system is mobile-responsive and SEO friendly

⇒ Comes with tracking and monitoring analytics for precise insights

⇒ Supports both Stripe and Paypal payment options

⇒ The platform is optimized for sales of digital items and membership subscriptions

⇒ There is no need to own your website to proceed with selling

⇒ Can set up a full-fledged online store without a domain name

⇒ Payment can be processed in more than 20 currencies

⇒ Payment gateway is secured by SSL encryption and PCI DSS compliance

⇒ Sellfy can be integrated with Facebook live chat, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Twitter Ads Conversion Tracking and Zapier

⇒ Sales can be boosted using Sellfy’s upselling, cross-selling, and discount tools

⇒ Sellfy offers a 14-day free trial without your credit card information


⇒ There is no tool to set up and manage affiliate programs

⇒ Limited website customization capabilities

⇒ The number of app integrations is very limited

⇒ Supports only two payment gateways

⇒ Only two week trial period after which one of the premium plans has to be purchased

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Final Thoughts

If you ever wish to set up an online store real quick then Sellfy is the best tool to try out. Though it falls short of some advanced features of other platforms like Shopify, SamCart, or maybe any other, it does not require a sharp learning curve or requires higher annual costs. The open-handed 14-day free trial is a great way to explore the features of Sellfy!


SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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