FindNiche Review – An Ultimate Dropshipping Niche Finder Tool

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Niche Research is one of the most complex tasks you will come across as an e-commerce owner, drop-shipper, or any digital marketer involved in product sales. You are at the right place if you are looking for a reliable, unbiased, and prejudice-free report on this free Niche Analytics Tool. 

Dropshipping has become a common business and we bet every second person will recommend starting a dropshipping business as it is simple with no investment.

Many people start with an uber-cool dropshipping business and end up within a few months. Proper professional guidance for any business will surely earn lots of profit. To make a mark in business, you will need to do detailed planning available from a plethora of product research tools. 

Some products may cost very little but yield the best results. And, one of such products is FindNiche. This blog helps you in giving clear ideas of some of the best alternatives to FindNiche to help you decide better. 


FindNiche is a free tool dropshipping niche finder tool in the market. Users can analyze profitable products within minutes and can grab massive profits from their investments. If you are an e-commerce shop owner of any drop shipping sites such as Shopify and AliExpress, the first hurdle you will come across is how to find a profitable niche. Initially, people were used to searching across social media or inquiring their acquaintances about profitable and trending products.

Built-in the year 2019, FindNiche was built in 2019 and has come a long way. It is now the first choice of any startup because of its availability in 40+ countries and used by prominent brands. FindNiche envelopes data of 700,000 different Shopify stores and is built up with the latest technologies. The tool is known for its powerful attributes to meet current business needs.

Let’s know more about FindNiche features, pricing, its merits, and demerits to be able to decide if it suits your requirements.



 Getting to know FindNiche

As we know, FindNiche is a popular free dropshipping niche finder tool in the market but the question arises that will such relevant methods survive in this competitive world. The market out there is quite dynamic and accordingly customer’s choice due to the easy availability of goods. The business performed worldwide varies according to the location and people’s choices. FindNiche evaluates over 2 million Ali-Express products in 11,000 different niches. Plus, It also covers over 700,000 different Shopify stores. 



It is a robust analytic tool built with the most innovative technologies in today’s digital business. The tool has been helpful for many startups looking to break in and compete in the eCommerce industry as it was developed as an avenue to empower startups with limited resources and capital. The tool has a coverage of over 40 countries on multiple continents of the world.

 How does FindNiche Work?

For using FindNiche, the user does not require any pre-requisite knowledge and the interface is simple and easy to understand. The site is compatible with a lot of device versions and easy to navigate. 

Once you visit the website, you will find the option, “FIND NICHE FOR FREE”. Once you click on this, you need to enter a valid email address and password to register to the site. Once done, you can start choosing your products, niches, and Shopify stores. You can easily navigate through the FindNiche products page and you can toggle among the several options to select one to analyze. 

  • Product Analysis 

You will need to do intense research to get a profitable product list and there will be no immediate promise that you can grab a lot of profit initially. The next step would be to select a country where you want to sell the product and explore the pricing options. There are several filters to help users get accurate information and generate detailed reports and better analytics of the searched products.


  • Niche Analysis

The important factor of starting any business is choosing a profitable niche, and FindNiche does it amazingly. It helps users to analyze the best niche or stores following similar patterns. The results include detailed graphs and charts of several countries. The results let you decide whether to opt-in for a specific niche or not.


  • Shopify Store Analysis

Users can analyze best-selling products from AliExpress and Shopify using the FindNiche tool. You can filter the products based on the ranking of a specific product, the target country, the number of Facebook likes, along the ads shown. These factors help you to determine the current market competition.


FindNiche: Key Features

FindNiche is a highly insightful tool useful in analyzing 11,000 niches, 700,000 stores, and millions of competitive products in a matter of minutes. As a FindNiche user, you will have unlimited access to several products in different niches that you can list in your store. 

  • Big Data Analysis

One of the key features of FindNiche is that it enables users to gain insight into what products to invest in by extracting meaningful data from large raw data that allows you to make a pre-informed decision.

  • Smart Product Picking 

FindNiche identifies trending products with a high sales margin. You can gain insight into not-so-popular products but with high potential which sellers don’t focus on but are highly profitable. 

  • Niching Down

The manual route of sorting products can be highly stressful. So, FindNiche allows users to filter hundreds of products using functional search methods. This means you can choose a particular category and niche down further to a sub-niche while not losing out on the quality of your niche research. 

 Pricing Plans 

FindNiche gives an option to choose between premium or elite membership. Premium membership starts at $29/month, and for elite starts at $59/month.


Elite membership comes with several extra features like unlimited search counts and filters. Additionally, to get an idea of how elite membership works, you have to pay $1 as the access fee for 2 days.


  • Supplies Facebook ad insights
  • It provides intricate information on Niche products
  • There is a full data access
  • Shopify store is unlimited
  • AliExpress products scout 
  • Shopify products scout
  • Unlimited daily queries


  • The products are limited


Alternative of FindNiche

FindNiche Vs. Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt is a spy tool used for researching top-selling products. The assembled information is then uploaded to the platform to allow their users to gain access. Apart from the top-selling products, this tool also provides data about Facebook ads cover, images, and videos which help run effective Facebook ads.


Winning products: Ecomhunt helps to locate interesting products. The data provided enables you to devise a Facebook ads campaign that targets the group of people interested in purchasing your product or service, thereby increasing the possibility of success.

Webinars and Tutorials: Ecomhunt offers webinars and tutorials that provide insights and guidance on using and navigating the website.

Other features include:
  1. Product Profits and Analytics
  2. AdHunter Chrome Extension
  3. Links to suppliers
  • It supplies Facebook ad insights
  • It provides detailed information on Niche products
  • The products are limited

Ecomhunt pricing plans two membership plans: Free and Pro plan. 

  • The Free plan allows access to two products every day. Though the information provided with them is limited.
  • The Pro plan costs $29 per month and allows complete access to all the information the tool has to offer.


No wonder, FindNiche is concluded to be the best Niche finder tool in the market for any dropshipping business. It is best for both beginners and professionals.FindNiche can be recommended for every e-commerce startup, especially AliExpress and Shopify. There are a lot of factors to explore both in terms of maximization of ROI or gaining popularity. The tool has one of the best social media features for quick marketing. The tool gives potential results in bare minimum time, and as it is available for free, serves as a win-win situation for everyone. So, do register and share your experiences!


SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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