Best One-Stop Platform for Selling and Delivering Digital Products|SendOwl Review|

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SendOwl(one-stop platform) is a London-based firm launched in 2010 by George Palmer. The cart was designed from the bottom up to meet a critical market gap: allowing people to sell and deliver digital things effortlessly from their website.

Since then, the software has evolved into a feature-rich shopping cart and product delivery platform, and today it even operates the selling of physical goods and services.


In this SendOwl Review 2022, we’ll provide an in-depth, unprejudiced examination of where SendOwl is today and whether it can compete with the big boys.

What is SendOwl? 


What is SendOwl, and How Does it Function?|SendOwl Review 2022|

Remember when you tried to sell digital things online only to discover that you were losing money due to high transaction fees? 

What if your eCommerce platform didn’t support on-site checkout?

SendOwl addresses these issues.

For some reason, choosing the best eCommerce platform for digital products is difficult. 

Big brands seem immersed on tangible things, with some watered-down internet services tossed in for good measure.

SendOwl is an online platform that permits you to construct a storefront and begin selling digital items and services quickly and affordably. 

SendOwl allows for a quick launch, bringing it as close to “one-click” as possible.

You can build sites for digital things, memberships, subscriptions, and drip-enabled material using SendOwl, and it offers a quick blastoff procedure.

Simply put, it is a one-stop platform( eCommerce software) to help businesses handle online orders, sales, payments, checkouts, discounts, and more.

It is a clever strategy for marketing and distributing digital products.

To sell and deliver audiobooks, e-books, pictures, software, subscriptions, event tickets, online courses, and more, creators can use SendOwl.

The good news is that SendOwl maintains a cheap, fixed monthly price, so you won’t be hit with costs for transactions or being overly successful. 

What Functions Does SendOwl Provide?/ Specifications

With the help of the shopping cart software SendOwl, you can sell goods online. It serves as a junction for contact between you, your client, and your payment processors.

SendOwl supports businesses and creators of all sizes. Because it is an all-in-one solution, you can utilise only one function or combine several.

Check Specifications-

You can sell through your existing website or blog, your Shopify store, social media, their payment links, or their API.

  • Secure & Quick Delivery

No matter the order quantity or type, SendOwl will deliver your goods quickly and securely.

  • Scale Your Marketing

You can utilize elements like affiliates, cart abandonment emails, and 1-click upsells to grow sales.

  • Analyze and Manage

With essential data & insights, you can boost your revenue and facilitate your sales process.

SendOwl Improves these Three Specialties:

You may design a seamless and user-friendly customer experience using this eCommerce platform.

SendOwl helps streamline the sales cycle by addressing the challenging and time-consuming segments of making a sale for you without charging transaction fees.

SendOwl is a secure mode for handling the financial element of your business, safeguarding both you and your clients.

After covering the fundamentals, let’s delve deeper into this product to learn how well SendOwl connects with other tools you may be using, what kind of customer support it offers, and how much it will cost you.

SendOwl Features


Check Feature List-

1. Sell

You can sell anything and earn money while you sleep.

Check Features-

  • Shopping Cart
  • Modern, Responsive Checkout
  • On-Site Checkout
  • Multi-Language & Multi-Currency
  • Payment Links
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Scale Easily
2. Deliver

You select how, where, when, and to whom your digital entities will get sold. Regardless of the format or volume of orders, they will deliver your products fast and safely.

Check Features-

3. Market

Use smart technologies to automate your marketing approaches so you can sell more and grow.

Check Features-

  • Discounts & Promo Codes
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • 1-Click Upsells
  • Cart Abandonments
  • Email Marketing Integrations
  • Product Update Emails
  • Encourage Gifting
  • Pay What You Want Pricing
4. Customize

To deliver a uniform branding experience, create your checkout templates, custom checkout fields, integrated buttons, and email templates.

Check Features-

  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Checkout Fields
  • 3 Checkout Templates
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Embedded Buttons
  • Keep it Simple
5. Secure

Utilize steadfast safety management add-ons to protect your intellectual property and client data.

Check Features-

  • Limit Number of Downloads
  • Time Limit Download Links
  • Video & Audio Streaming
  • 2-factor auth
6. Analyze

With the help of useful data, enhance your revenue performance and simplify your sales process.

Check Features-

  • Order Reports
  • Zero Download Reports
  • Full Product Reports
  • Discount Code Reports
  • Income Analytics
  • Upsell analytics
  • Abandoned Cart Analytics
7. Manage

While SendOwl takes care of the required administrative and legal processes, you can concentrate on selling.

Check Features-

  • API Access
  • Manage Taxes
  • EU VAT Rules
  • Fraud Filtering


Additional Features-


  • Customization

For a consistent branding experience for your consumers, design your unique checkout & email templates.

  • Security

With dependable safety management add-ons, you can protect your intellectual property and client data.

  • Analytics

You can utilize useful data to improve your sales and raise revenue performance.

  • Administration Support

SendOwl will manage all the administrative and legal responsibilities, allowing you to concentrate on selling.



Simple platforms and payment procedures like MailChimp, Drip, Shopify, PayPal, Stripe, and others are all seamlessly integrated by SendOwl.

Check Integrations One-stop platform

  • Payment Gateways & Methods


You can create a unique payment stack to accommodate a customer’s specific preferences and area.

  • Ecommerce Platforms


On top of your current online store, you can add SendOwl as a strong layer.

  • Marketing & Communication


Handy marketing tools can help you interact with your clients and boost sales.

  • Member Management & Additional Integration


Member management tracks community members’ online behavior and related digital content while interacting with them.

To expand custom integrations, connect your SendOwl account to Google Analytics or utilize Zapier.

Use Cases

Where to Sell


By connecting SendOwl with Shopify and your website, you can sell your digital goods wherever and however, you like.

Using Payment Links or their API, you can market your goods anywhere. Select where and how you want to sell, and leave the labor-intensive work to SendOwl.

What to Sell


Sell a digital product as a single item that can be distributed and sold continually without the requirement to restock.

Create your digital products using your imagination, skill, and knowledge. There are countless options, including audiobooks, e-books, software, subscriptions, event tickets, cooking classes, podcasts, and video streaming.

How to be Up & Running Selling With SendOwl in Under 15 Minutes

|SendOwl Review 2022|

SendOwl has a fairly straightforward interface. 

It makes a page with your goods, which they will host, so you may sell without having to take any unusual measures or set up SSL on your blog. In addition, you may add shopping carts and combine them with buttons on your website.

There is nothing to install, no additional code to add (apart from a few little ones if you integrate with your website), and nothing at all. 

To initiate an own online business, all you require to do is upload a photo of your product and set a pricing.

When you select Try it Free (see the image below), you will see the price plan page (image 2)


Image 1


Image 2

Click Signup free or Start a 30-day free trial as displayed in the image above.

Next, you will see the following page:


After providing the necessary information, click Signup to access the SendOwl dashboard. (See the image below)



By selecting the appropriate tabs on the left side of the screen, you may add products, check orders, and access marketing, analytics, and reports from this page. (See the picture below)




SendOwl Review 2022

SendOwl provides flexible pricing to serve your business’s needs. You can pay a set monthly charge or per sale. 

You have complete freedom to decide.

Check Plans-

  • Free- $0 per month

For low volume or just getting started, this free option is excellent.

You’ll receive-

  • 5% of sales.
  • Endless subscriptions
  • Unobstructed use
  • Standard templates
  • All delivery, marketing, and checkout attributes.

Please note-

Any merchant in a country where Stripe Connect is supported can use it, although there is a minimum order value.

Get Started for Free with the Best Shopping Cart One-Stop Platform


  • Growth– 

This plan has a 30-day free trial and costs $19 per month.

It is ideal for business owners who sell in bulk.

  • 0% of sales
  • Limitless subscriptions
  • Standard usage included*
  • Customization
  • All delivery, marketing, and checkout functions.

Please be aware that there is a 1% subscription fee and overages if order restrictions surpass.

Additionally, high-volume sellers can contact their support team for customized rates.

Included With Plans


Pros & Cons

Pros One-Stop Platform

  • The interface is  clear and simple to use.
  • It accepts 29 distinct currencies.
  • Integrates with major payment gateways
  • Memberships, plans, and trials are among the payment models available.
  • Supports coupons and discounts
  • Supports one-click upsells and bump offers
  • Custom checkout template builder (advanced)
  • Built-in affiliate management that is simple but effective
  • A long list of integrations that support Zapier
  • Excellent for developing your affiliate program
  • Ideal for bloggers that wish to offer premium content 
  • Several email marketing and other marketing tool integrations
  • A monthly charge that is predictable and acceptable


  • Insufficient support for cryptocurrencies.
  • Restricted checkout and design customization
  • No A/B testing capacities
  • No online chat support or phone for emergencies.
  • Marketers can only customize some designs.
  • No community groups

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In Conclusion

SendOwl can be the answer if you’re seeking a distinct routine to make your online store for digital goods and subscriptions.

SendOwl is a one-stop platform with everything you require to successfully sell digital goods, including selling, shipping, marketing, and analytics.

It is an eCommerce platform for small businesses to high volume sellers that offers responsive checkouts, quick delivery, fraud buyer filtering, pre-checkout & post-payment upsells, and more.

SendOwl handles all the tiresome tasks demanded to sell digital goods quickly. SendOwl not only integrates with a payment processor but it guarantees exceptional and secure product delivery for your clients, allowing you to maintain your brand’s standing. Further, a mobile-enhanced checkout system and one-click upsell are strategies to increase your earnings.

In conclusion, SendOwl is a quick, user-friendly tool with zero loss. A straightforward, effective method to increase sales and scale profits.

Try for Free SendOwl the One-Stop Platform


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