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Pexda Overview

As a marketer, if you are trying to venture into a dropshipping business, it is crucial to be aware of the tools that assist you in finding winning products. Pexda is one such best product research tool with its product-rich features. The tools provide a comprehensive suite of tools that helps in hunting top products, best-performing ads, and much more.  

Product research is a crucial process in any dropshipping business. It involves competing with business giants like Walmart, Amazon, etc. that are not feasible enough to compete. It requires. Manual product research can sometimes become time-consuming and tiring. Hence, you must use the best product research tool or a product curator service provider to simplify the process. One such Best Online Product Hunting and Winning Tool is Pexda.  

What is Pexda?

Pexda is a top product hunting platform, or even known as a dropshipping product curator platform designed for online retailers. The platform sources numerous products referring to its performance data to let buyers know whether it is worth investing in their store. Every product in Pexda stores gives mindful insights for the listed products and an idea of how they may perform in their stores and how well they are advertised on social media.

Pexda helps online retailers overcome the most common problem of finding products that sell successfully in the market. There are often when work is outsourced to marketing professionals, wasting time, and spending unnecessarily with lowered profits and increased costs. To overcome such situations, Pexda offers a vast range of tools that makes finding winning products more efficient and easier.       


How to use Pexda?

Pexda provides insights on winning products that you can sell on e-commerce platforms. We will learn how to use Pexda efficiently to get the most of it.

When you land on the Pexda site, you can navigate to the Products page> Find the Niches on the right panel of the page. This list is updated every time and you can find new products as and when updated. Some of the featured niches are Toys, Beauty & Health, Family, Household Pets, Hobbies, Collections, etc.


It is also possible to sort the products based on the newest added, number of orders, product engagement on Facebook, and so on. 


The products can also be chosen based on the number of times it has been ordered, the latest order, likes, shares, and comments.

Pexda Features

Extensive Products

There is information available on all products, and you can view as many products as you want in a day. Specifically, the free plan allows users to view information on only two products per day while the paid version gives unlimited access to hunt new products.

New Product

Pexda lists five products for everyone’s access plus one promising product for Pexda Ultimate subscribers.

Target Proposal

Pexda helps with targeting suggestions like gender, country, interests, and age to target two separate ad sets. These ideas are formed according to the product analysis for active Facebook ads. It is up to the user to test the ads and check if it works or not.

Product Profit Parameters

Products can be sold profitably only after knowing the product information. Pexda is reliable on this front giving proper data on product cost, selling price, profit margin, shipping costs, and net profits. This information is vital to decide on potential profit margins and investment worth.

Inspiring Facebook ads

Pexda provides proven Facebook ad copies that are currently doing well which can inspire you to create a similar ad for yourself or even copy them directly. Facebook advert examples are provided with every product in the database. It can be done just by clicking on the desired product and following the link in the Facebook ad section. It gives a breakdown of various ad metrics like comments, likes, and shares to understand how well it is for selling products.

Chrome Extension

This is a relatively new feature on Pexda that also adds three new features like auto search, AliExpress Target, and making requests to Pexda to create an ad or even copy videos. 

Merchant Information

The merchant information is available below the profits section including a link to AliExpress where products are seen. This link provides more information about the product so that you can buy from the link directly. 

Distinct Search Tools

In a dropshipping venture, searching an ocean of products may be quite overwhelming at times. Thankfully, Pexda comes with one of the best search tools allowing buyers to search for specific products based on their required category or niche. There are varied niche choices like hobbies, pets, toys, etc. This is helpful especially when you are searching for trending products.

The sort function is also helpful to refine the search and make the process faster and easier. You may sort products based on the latest ones added, by the number of orders, or through various Facebook metrics that are a better way to find the best-selling products. Though some features are limited to the plan, premium subscribers can still sort by product cost, selling price, and target reach.


Pexda Pricing

Pexda comes up with three plans. You can pay off your plan with two sales per month and a limited period offer of 50%


The Standard plan that is great for starting a new business – $1.95 /14 days. 

The Premium plan that is suitable for a growing business – $24.95 / month. 

The Ultimate plan is best suited for scaling your business – $99.95 / month.

Pexda Pros

  • Detailed ad insights
  • Automatic product hunting 
  • Category based product listing
  • Trending products can be easily accessed
  • More user-friendly and fully functional tool
  • Shows several audiences that can be targeted

Pexda Cons

  • There are no tutorial or webinar like product hunt tool
  • There is a delay to access winning products for Standard plan users


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Pexda Review – Conclusion

Pexda promises to be one of the best product research tools with the potential to find winning products and as a worthy investment. It finds the winning and best-selling products that may be sale-able on Shopify stores. 

In any dropshipping business, utilization of such tools eases your search movement and also cuts down your loss direction. Hence, it is vital to use such product research or product curator tools that can help save a lot of money, time, and energy. 



SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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