Hyax Review | All-in-one Platform for Selling Digital Products | Free Trial for all Plans

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Hyax Review All-in-one Platform for Selling Digital Products Free Trial for all Plans

The power of the internet today is such that it can reach worldwide without any hindrance. Every small product or service can be transacted online which people accept as a better medium than physical selling. It is not just limited to e-commerce but diversified to a hobby, marketing, blogging, or any services.

Money can be made online without selling any physical product too. This is possible by selling digital products like a paid newsletter, online programs, or even membership programs. Today, there are many platforms available offering these services and Hyax is one such platform. Let us understand whether Hyax is suitable for the business. 

About Hyax

Hyax is a platform where you can build digital products and courses and sell them online. It is one of the great ways to sell physical products, courses, memberships, newsletters, and many digital products. 


Hyax handles subscriptions, file delivery, and entire content in a single platform. It was built 10 years back that works with 4-5 different apps to meet the requirements of core business activities. 

Hyax Uses

Hyax is a platform that offers digital services and some of the best that it specializes in can be explained as,

Online Courses

There are numerous courses available online today. You can maintain your community along with passing your knowledge too. Creating courses online on Hyax is very simple to create and see your unique courses. You can also,

–Upload course videos for more understanding

–Make student interaction more interesting

–Your courses can be customized as per your needs

Online Store Creation

Owning an online is much easier to manage, cost-effective and no requirement for any physical shop set up. Same way, Hyax lets you sell single or multiple digital products under the same platform with high-speed store creation and customization with built-in upsells. Once an online store is generated, you can,

–Use the available templates

–contains high order value

–Post-purchase stage works seamlessly

–Though completely customizable, the available designs are themselves great to use.

Landing Page Creation

Landing pages are most critical for selling digital products. Hyax also helps you with its creation. Money can be generated more through fine marketing and great sales funnels than through promotions. You can create your landing pages easily with any OR code or any technical skill. Hyax offers the following elements while creating a landing page,

–Provides amazing designs

–Landing pages created are mobile-friendly

–Provides step funnels or just a landing page

Membership Sites

Sites like Hotstar and Netflix work only with memberships. Having a membership site is now possible with Hyax. The available tools are remarkably featured where you can invite people through memberships. These sites,

–Sets up member posts

–Builds effective plans

–Can easily manage members


Getting Started

Using Hyax is very easy to use. You need to go to the website and sign up. Fill in the relevant details and select your industry type. The platform is not complicated as it looks. Even a beginner can easily understand the functionalities and start selling products online.

Create New Project

Once you create an account, you can next create a Project. Click on “New Project”. Start with a username and make settings as per your requirements. Enter the domain name and subdomain name which you wish to share with your audience. Complete the required form filling and finally, you will own your project. 

Create New Course

To create a new course, you can navigate to the Hyax course builder and click on “Create New Course”. Add needed images, descriptions, titles, and other required information. Choose your plan, make the payment, and complete. You can anytime edit the information by navigating through the pages. Next, go to Course Lessons and add the required content. Click on New Lessons and continue the process. 

Create Landing Page

You can select the creation of the landing page from the dashboard. Select “Create New” and “Sell Products” for which you need to create a landing page. You can choose from several pre-designed templates or create one. Write the content, edit, attach links and you are good to publish and share.

Create Digital Product

On the dashboard, go to the list of Products and select “Create New Product”. You then find a form where it asks for information like title, description, etc. Next select a category, add images and mention the product type. Choose the product option and the price. If no variations are required then choose the regular product. Set the entire system and finally publish the product. 

Features of Hyax

Hyax comprises perfect elements that make it a perfect platform to boost your business. Here are a few of the important aspects.

Ultimate learning management 

A learning management system is tough to create but Hyax provides many services like corporate services, e-commerce services, or any academic learning. It also includes various enhancement elements like easy to learn portal, blended learning, etc. to make it simple and understandable for eLearning companies. 

Video management 

Videos are important to send a strong message to customers and gain trust amongst your customers. Hyax provides regular analytics, bulk video uploads, and supports mobile screens. Videos can be uploaded and shared on social media very easily. The videos are also uploaded with video looping and accurate privacy options. 

Ecommerce activities

Hyax offers many e-commerce facilities like multi-store management and promotional management. To make users have an excellent experience, it provides beautiful templates. Additionally, the data security system works best for your SEO to gain the best results. 

Website builders

Building a website with Hyax is easy for users. It facilitates real-time editing, auto-updates, long-form articles, and landing pages. The easy drag and drop editor is the right tool for beginners. The pre-designed templates are best suited for SEO management.

Amazing community

Hyax lets you build and maintain your community for better trust building and reachability. It also provides top-class group management, content management, website management, and membership management.

Useful e-learning authoring tools

Hyax is known in the market for its course publication ability. It facilitates great instructor-led courses, test or quiz creation, and PowerPoint conversions. You can upload courses, manage videos, and manage templates without any hassle.

All the above features make Hyax an excellent platform to gain more customers and maintain a top-notch position. This also makes way for you to pass your knowledge to many around you. 

Pricing Plans

The best thing about Hyax is they offer a free trial with every available plan. 

Beginner Plan– $99/month. Suitable for beginners and you get,

∗Blog Posts



∗Multi-step funnels

∗SSL certificate

∗Ecommerce etc.

Advanced Plan– $199/month. This is the bestseller and includes all features as that in the beginner plan. Plus you can get,

∗Unlimited page views

∗No Hyax branding

∗Up to 6 projects

∗40 courses

∗25k contacts

Enterprise Plan – Best among all the three plans. You can customize your pricing according to your requirements and just pay for what you want. The prices of Hyax plans are quite reasonable considering the users who are into core digital product selling.

Hyax Support

Hyax comprises a striking web-based support team that supports Saas and Cloud. Information sharing becomes very easy with this. For better training purposes, Hyax provides live online sessions to the users. The team also comes forward to host webinars and retains its documentation for later use. The online chat team is also available during business hours for any doubts or queries. 



⇒ Easy drag and drop editor available

⇒ Supports video conferencing

⇒ Various services are available

⇒ Cost-effective and beginner-friendly

⇒ Free Trial available for all plans

⇒ A single platform can produce many products

⇒ Supports Cloud and Saas 

⇒ Amazing E-commerce platform

⇒ Robust infrastructure for security, speed, and storefront availability


⇒ Works only web-based system

⇒ No SCORM conferencing

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Hyax is a complete feature-rich E-commerce platform that is capable of supporting an online business on any scalable platform. Hyax also integrates with other tools like email marketing software, landing page builder, course builders, A/B testing, etc. It does not support any third-party extension or custom app. 

Hyax can be the ultimate solution if you do not have unique and custom business requirements. The pricing plans are all-inclusive of required features and if you wish to test it then you may sign up and find out if it suits your requirements.



SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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