Scopio Review: The Authentic Stock Photo Library

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Not everyone is an expert at taking high-quality images for commercial purposes. Traditional stock, while frequently generic, offers a wide choice of ready-to-use photos and videos. An excellent option such as Authentic Stock Photography Subscriptions might be beneficial to your company. We recently came across a site called Scopio that specializes in stock images, and it seems good. And in this Scopio review, you will have everything you need to know about Scopio.

Scopio is a social media search engine and licensing marketplace for popular photos and videos. Scopio Authentic Stock Photography has made a significant number of royalty-free photographs on a variety of subjects available. And there are many sorts of pictures captured by creative photographers from over 150 nations.

Therefore, for the sake of giving you an honest and unbiased Scopio review- the Quality Stock Photography review, we have covered everything about Scopio. So stay tuned for all the pieces of information that can assist you in making an effective decision for your business. 

What is Scopio?

Scopio is a female-founded business that was featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list this year. It has almost 300,000 photographs in its library, which is constantly growing.

Scopio is a sophisticated Authentic Stock Photo Library, an AI-driven platform for discovering and licensing user-generated content. It allows people to express stories, personalize projects, and encourage participation. Scopio’s personal dashboard makes it simple to access and safely license social media photographs and videos straight from the source, with sophisticated search, request, and approval features.

Scopio also serves as a social media content management system, allowing you to organize projects, submit bulk requests, and track downloads and approvals all from your own dashboard. You may share content creators’ pictures once they have given you their permission to personalize your message, enhance conversions, and drive engagement.

Here are some of the highlights of the Scopio Authentic Stock Photography Subscriptions:

  • Get unlimited access to a large and diversified picture collection, as well as the ability to use photographs royalty-free.
  • Get access to new and eye-catching editorial photographs as well as current happenings.
  • Contribute to the development of artists making money in 150 countries.

Let’s move further in this Quality Stock Photography review and understand how Scopio works.

How Does Scopio Works?

Using Scopio is simple. Enter the hashtags, usernames, or keywords you are looking for, and the AI-powered smart search will weed out the irrelevant results and recommend tags based on social trends. If you like any photographs or videos you view, utilize your dashboard to get permission and license them directly from the producers. The next few steps will show you how to add photos to your Scopio library.

Create a Google Drive folder for your images and videos. 

This service is available to you at no cost. You can buy and sell photos as many as you wish. Make sure, however, that you don’t include any photos with watermarks. Scopio likes to post photos of people & also enjoys images of travel, technology, entrepreneurship, and general lifestyle.


Download and sign Scopio’s Contributor Agreement. 

You may sign it digitally, and DocuSign for mobile makes it simple. It should go in the same Google Drive folder as your photo uploads. Because the license is non-exclusive, you may still show and use your work, and you can even sell it under other non-exclusive terms.


Share your Google Drive folder and the signed agreement with [email protected] 

The next step that follows is the Scopio team will review your work and will decide whether your work is worth uploading on their site or not. And if your work gets chosen, your work will get uploaded and used for any of our projects. The Scopio team will notify you via email to set up payment if it gets sold.

Key Features Of Scopio

01- Leverages Social Media Channels

Scopio will use your photos in their email marketing and social media channels, such as Instagram. They will tag you and add keywords to make it easier for others to discover you.

They will also include your Instagram account and a contact form with the photographer in case- someone wants to collaborate with you.

02- Catches Professional Photographs

Scopio is exceptional in that it offers stock photographs taken by professional photographers from all around the world. You may get photos of any genre, and there are additions of new images daily.

Let’s pretend your media endeavor or brand is all about wine. Traditional stock photos of vineyards and wine glasses will be fantastic generic images. Using your Scopio dashboard allows you to create your own unique cache of wine-related photos and videos, as well as gain authorization to reuse them in the future.

03- Commercial-Friendly & Royalty-Free

Scopio’s photos are all commercial-friendly and royalty-free, which means you pay once to join and then have unlimited access to the whole collection, which you can use for marketing campaigns, sales briefings, emails, websites, and more. You can support outstanding authors from over 160 countries by subscribing.

People, animals, travel, fashion, fitness, and cuisine are among the areas where commercial-friendly and royalty-free photographs are accessible. Scopio is a stock photography service that is excellent for anybody seeking creative photos, and it is available for only $20 per month.

04- Builds creativity of your Brand:

Photos and illustrations are valuable tools for establishing credibility and forming bonds with prospects and consumers. The high-quality photographs truly wow potential purchasers and they feel more secure that you are selling exactly what you say you are selling. The photos of Scopio showcase your goods and aid in the development of your brand.

05- Adds interest to the message:

Many of them are more concerned with images than with content. If you like images, for example, it becomes necessary to persuade prospects to buy. People are drawn to images, which provide them a fast impression of your products or services. Scopio library’ photographs are crisp and clear, and you can use them to communicate your company’s narrative. Use clear pictures to explain your offerings and influence shoppers.

Who Should Use Scopio?

The most significant consideration before purchasing Scopio is if you require/will profit from an expanding collection of high-quality photos. Here is a list of scenarios in which you should consider investing in Scopio.

  • If you make a lot of graphics and see that you keep using the same photos,
  • If you want to give your blog entries or YouTube thumbnails a little more life,
  • If you enjoy utilizing high-quality photographs for a variety of purposes but are not a skilled photographer,

Even if you fit into any one of those categories, it is worth giving Scopio a try for a month or two. Scopio real stock photography is your best choice if you are seeking for genuine photos to support your message.

Pricing Of Scopio

Scopio offers its users four plans. Creative plan. Adventure plan, & Superstar plan & Infinity plan. You can choose the plan and try it for free for 30 days & fully understand which plan will suit you the best.

The creative plan is $29.00 per month, with a $70 discount if paid annually. You receive 45 photos to download, a license for limitless usage, and the ability to store boards.

The adventure plan costs $108/ month with $64 off when paid yearly. You can download up to 250 images per month, license coverage for unlimited uses, save boards, contact photographers, & customer support.

The superstar plan costs $325 per month, with a $194 discount if paid annually. This package includes 800 monthly picture downloads, unlimited license coverage, save boards, contact photographers, customer assistance, exclusive & custom collections, and ten or more users per account.

The Infinity plan comes with custom pricing. You may obtain full-service bespoke work from any of our artists, as well as partnerships and integrations, as well as per-image pricing and limitless downloads and API access.

Scopio Pros & Cons:


  • There are plenty of amazing photos.
  • Regularly updated and well-organized
  • It’s simple to find what you’re looking for.
  • Excellent overall value
  • Well-organized database.


  • Some key fields (such as technology) appear to be underrepresented.
  • Because the library is still limited, you may not always be able to find what you’re looking for.

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The Final Verdict: Scopio Review

Scopio has two primary advantages. The first is for purchasers, who can get genuine and innovative images to use in their projects and websites; the second is for photographers, who have a supporting platform where they can submit their photos, be highlighted, and make additional money. You can buy and sell photos with the breeze.

And with its affordable pricing, Scopio is just unbeatable and is the best Authentic Stock Photo Library. Therefore, Scopio is a go-to platform that any individual should take full use of. Scopio is worth giving a try. 

If you still have any questions about Scopio, let us know in the comments below. And do let us know if our Scopio review was helpful.

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