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An e-commerce business setup and its functioning can be overwhelming. It requires lots of things to juggle, from customer service to logistics. It is crucial to have a built-in marketing solution to save time and speed up work in your store. Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce platform for budding entrepreneurs who wish to set up and run their online stores hassle-free. Debutify is a free Shopify theme that converts merchants who want to make more sales. 

There are many options as it becomes more challenging for store owners to pick a theme that suits their requirements. In this Debutify review, we will list all the best features and pricing packages that the Debutify theme offers. So, let us start the review in detail. 

About Debutify

Debutify is a free-to-use Shopify theme built to increase conversion to your ecommerce store. They are designed especially for Shopify stores that are highly customized to match your store’s color scheme and preferences. With Debutify, your store will be up and running in minutes with a responsive and beautiful design. 

Debutify will create a look and feel that works great for any store and will be able to sell more products than before. You can create attractive, professional designs for your store without any designer.

Debutify Review – Features

Debutify is the powerful free Shopify theme for your Shopify store, let us check out some features.

Currency Converter

It allows users to pay for your product or services in their local currency. The product description page automatically dictates the currency of the country the customer belongs to and converts it to the one you set. It is done by Shopify’s multi-currency checkout. 

Product Slider

It works well on desktop and mobile versions that you can use to showcase products from your store and redirect customers to the desired page. You can set the number of products you want to appear on the slider.

Customizable Header and Footer

Debutify allows you to customize your store header and footer designs and impact the overall performance. You can choose from various options and decide on the interface while using your scroll page.

Guarantee Bar

The guarantee bar is something interesting that Debutify offers. You can guarantee offers to your customer and highlight them on your store homepage. For instance, you can give a 7-day money-back guarantee or a free shipping guarantee.

Product Testimonials

The product testimonial feature lets you add testimonials of satisfied customers for the product they bought from your store. You can add pictures, statements, and the date of purchase. You can put it in a slider to make it stand out. 

Product Description and Display

Debutify is a  free Shopify theme that offers different slider options and layouts to display the products you have in your store. You can use the interactive product grid or use various modes to display images. You can also feature a product when customers search for them to upsell.  

Conversion Boosting Apps

You can access add-on apps to  increase conversion to your ecommerce store. 

E-commerce Pro Training

You can learn about setting up your store successfully and more about Google, Facebook Ads, etc.

Product Research Tool

The feature lets you search for the right product in high demand and make high volume sales. The product research tool provides research ideas on trending products and product research courses that are not cost-friendly.

Page Load Duration

Debutify does not let you lose out on any customer for a simple reason of page loading. With this, pages load faster at an average speed of 1.68 seconds even after all apps run.  

How to use Debutify 

Debutify includes adjustable aspects to assist start-ups and company owners with a unique website that meets their requirements. It consists of the world’s highest converting Shopify theme that helps increase conversion to your ecommerce store

  1. Go to to download a theme and click Try For Free.


  1. You can then enter your name, and email address, and click on the Try Debutify Free button.


  1. Next, you will be redirected to your Shopify account, where you need to click on the Install unlisted app.

  1. You can select the Forever Free plan by default. You can choose a plan for trial or continue using the Free plan.

Install a Theme

  1. In the admin panel, click on Theme Library and select the theme to add.

  1. If you are migrating from another theme, copy the custom code, and theme settings. Click Add to theme library to install a new theme.

  1. Go to Shopify theme, click on Online Store, then Themes. You will get a list of installed themes. Click on Actions and Publish. 


  1. Click Publish to apply changes.

Debutify Pricing

The Debutify pricing plan is quite interesting. You must know the amount you need to pay monthly or yearly to start using the  free Shopify theme. Apart from the Free plan, Debutify offers three types of pricing plans.


The Free Plan is apt for beginners where they can start from scratch. It includes,

  • One store license
  • Basic customer support

The Starter Plan is suitable for small business owners looking to grow their store and costs $29.00/month. Features include,

  • One store license
  • Access up-to 5 add ons
  • Advanced support           
  • 1-click integrations

The Pro Plan is for brand owners who want to increase their conversion rates. The plan will cost $79/month, and you get all features from Starter Plan plus,

  • One store license
  • Access up-to 30 add ons
  • Advanced support
  • 1-click integration

The Enterprise Plan can be great for serious brand owners who want to maximize conversions and scale faster. It will cost $149.00/month. It includes all features in Pro Plan along with,

  • Three store licenses
  • Access all add-ons
  • VIP support
  • 1-click integration

Debutify offers a 15% and 25% discount respectively, for plans purchased for quarterly and yearly subscriptions. 

Debutify Review – Advantages and Disadvantages   


  • Easy 1-click installation and activation
  • Seamless integration with popular Shopify apps
  • Automatic updates available
  • More than 31 tested e-commerce sales boosters
  • Fast and mobile optimized.
  • A good option for beginners
  • Best for Shopify Dropshipping, Brand Stores, and Print-On-Demand
  • Good refund policy
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Customer support and add-ons depending on the purchased plan.
  • For the best features, users must buy the Premium plan.
  • Features available in the free version are just ok.

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Final Words – Debutify Review 2022

Debutify is a right mix of both essential and premium features as it is a free Shopify theme. Investing in a better theme for more sales and conversions is better if your requirements are limited. Debutify comes with your right choice, and you can use it for years to come. It is highly customizable that adjusts to your needs.

The flexible and powerful features are enough to skyrocket your sales and conversions. The product page can be designed with simple and elegant themes. The free plan is helpful to run your business without paying a penny. The pricing plans are also reasonable for the available add-ons. 

So, that is all in the review for now. Let us know in the comments if you have tried the Debutify theme.   



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