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Have you got any plans to create your website? Are you looking for a free platform to start?

In that case, Wix and Webflow said to be one of the best options available. Both of them are novice-friendly, simple to use website builder tools, helps in building websites with zero technical knowledge. But which one to choose?

In this Wix Vs. Webflow review post, you will get a keen knowledge of the different features of these platforms. Comprising its functions, features, pricing, etc. that helps in deciding whether this tool is right or not!


Brief Overview


Wix, cloud-based, drag-and-drop website development platform, with plenty of free templates. This platform was first developed by an Israeli company, to help users in creating mobile sites and HTML based websites.

Wix presents an easy drag-and-drop feature that helps in building the layout of your choice and customize it as per your needs.  


If you are looking for an easy option then this, this platform comes with an Artificial Design Intelligence feature, that helps in building a personal website, by simply answering only questions. It also provides a code option (only for advanced users).  

This simple to use, a completely-hosted website provides you with domain and hosting services. It manages the security of your website and provides some simple tools to optimize the search engine ranking in the best possible way. In short, it is a robust website design service that best suits for all, especially beginners.


This company was established in the year 2006 and successfully completed 13 years and still moving ahead to enable people to build their website. Wix has nearly 110 million followers in around 190 countries. Thus, this platform is said to be one of the considerably valued website builders and the second-largest cloud-based web builder.


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Webflow is confided software that incorporates the highlighted features of a CMS platform and web builder. Hence, it better works for proficient site improvement, engaging freelancers (website designers), and organizations to make full-included intricate sites for customers.


It is basically a developer-oriented project but provides various attractive features that help in quick and easy creation of the intricate websites. Provides accessibility of quality plan customization, HTML/CSS altering features, combination and blogging choices, etc.  Using these highlighted features makes it conceivable to arrive at a noteworthy outcome, conceded that your website designing knowledge is on the higher level.


This company was founded in the year 2013 and has become one of the renowned website builder tools, used by many. The developers of Webflow are still bringing much more latest easy to customize templates each and every day. Webflow has millions of followers all across the globe. 


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Attractive Templates


Wix –


Get 100’s of professional ready to use templates based on different categories, some of them include: 

  • Blogs and forums
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Business
  • Events
  • Landing pages
  • Online store
  • Travel and tourism

Webflow – 

Choose from 100+ attractive templates which you can customize easily with code-free tools. Some of the commonly preferred template categories include:

  • User Interface Kit
  • One Page
  • Business
  • Blog 
  • Entertainment
  • Restaurant
  • Portfolio
  • CMS
  • eCommerce

Powerful Marketing Tools


Wix – 

Once done with the creation, you need to boost to gain organic traffic to your site. Thankfully, this platform provides powerful marketing tools. 

There’s a user-friendly Wix SEO Wiz to help you boost your website’s rank on Google search results. It’s a step-by-step plan which guides you to improve your site’s visibility online.

Wix SEO Wiz is one of the user-friendly tool provided that helps in improving the rank of your site in the search engines. It progressively helps in enhancing your exposure online. Not only this, but Wiz also provides various other tools for marketing integrations, making logos, social posts, etc.

Webflow – 

Optimizing the content as per the SEO needs can be performed on Webflow with no specific plugins. It provides you an uncomplicated way to add up the detailed description and meta title that is incorporated directly into the editor. This feature also helps you in getting immediate previews of your website, how it looks like when it gets live.


Ease Of Use


Wix –

The web designing tool is incredibly straightforward and easy to use for every single client, regardless of the accessible abilities, past website designing experience, and targets. Quickly signup or login, as it requires zero effort. Directly after the signup process, you are forwarded to the control panel, which is very reasonable and legitimately composed.


The control panel comprises two regions, specifically  Editor and Dashboard itself. It helps in controlling every step you take and also helps in fixing the blunders caused simultaneously. Wix allows you to choose the desired layout and personalize it depending upon your needs. 

The developers of Wix are continuously working on to simplify the process of website designing, free from affecting the outcome. The builder helps in boosting the re-designed editor, which creates contemporary websites with increased scrolling effects, quick navigation, integrations, and various powerful effects.


Webflow – 

According to the website designing needs of professionals, this tool comes with a complicated approach to web design. The system includes many tools and features, which can lead to lower project quality underestimation.


The registration process is also fast and secure here. But you will probably need a lot more time to get used to the service’s control panel and discover all the resources, elements, categories, and parts that it includes. Webflow offers many complicated toolbars, website editor using HTML/CSS and well-developed design customization options. But it requires a deep understanding and even some technical knowledge in web designing.

Webflow code is not at all intuitive and simple – here’s a lot to explore, study, and learn. Of course, newbie’s will be confused by such a huge range of tools and settings that they will find in the service’s control panel. Not only this, the entire interface of this tool is very logically structured, which at times helps in simplifying the exploration process. 

Exquisite Pricing plans


Wix – 

This website builder’s pricing policy is highly affordable to everyone, despite the system’s variety of functionality. A completely free version of this software is available that helps you in testing the functionality of the services offered. You can also explore all the software fundamentals before continuing the process.Once the website creation ends, then you need to move on with at least one of the paid subscriptions. The payment rates are –

Connect Domain                     $4.50/mo
Combo                                    $8.50/mo
Unlimited                                 $12.50/mo
eCommerce                            $16.50/mo
VIP                                          $24.50/mo


Webflow provides a Starter pack for the new members, that never expires. It helps you in exploring features of Webflow, but with some certain specifications and limitations. Moreover, if websites designed using the free plan, then ad banners and sub domains are visible on the home page. In order to make use of all the Webflow features, select any one of the plans mentioned below –

Standard plan
(Lite and Pro subscriptions)                        $16 and $35/mo 

Team Plan
(Small, Medium, and Large
subscriptions)                                              $70, $140 and $280 per month respectively

Client Billing solution                            
(Clients will pay the bill,
but the user will be highly responsible
for the designing process).                          zero cost (for users)

Bottom Line  

Choosing one between Wix and Webflow can be a highly challenging task, particularly for non-coders, who are unable to brag up their websites and are searching for a service that fulfills their required needs.  

Both the website builders are high-end competitors, target a large number of user categories, and also cover a broad spectrum of website building needs.

So, which is the best web builder as per the comparison?

It completely depends upon your requirements and outcomes you wish to get in the future. Wix covers all the desired needs of experts as well as a novice, but Webflow benefits professional designers. Both platforms provide tons of easily customizable templates and advanced features. Therefore, think about your priorities and make the final decision.

If you have any queries about this comparison or wish to share your opinion, then feel free to drop your concern in the comments section below.

SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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