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Ucraft Review| Get 14 Days Free Trial

Ucraft is a website builder, a landing page software, logo maker, and more. Yes, it is a SaaS platform that offers design solutions to businesses and digital marketing agencies. So, if you are just kick-starting your brand new website and do not wish to spend a huge amount on hiring a designer, then it’s time you should start crafting your website with Ucraft. If you are wondering why you should use this landing page builder and not WordPress or some other tool, then hang on for a while. By the time we are done with this Ucraft review, you would have enough information to make the right decision.

Things you can do with UCraft

Ucraft is a website builder and landing page software that provides tailor-made solutions for small businesses and digital marketing agencies. Like most other SaaS solutions, Ucraft offers several design solutions packed into one. In fact, if you are on the verge of setting up your online business, then Ucraft offers design solutions for everything — logo, website, landing pages — you name it and they’ve got it!

Create a logo with Ucraft.

So, once you are done creating awesome designs with Ucraft’s landing page builder and website builder, you are just one step away from publishing it. You can do so by connecting the Ucraft pages to your domain or can continue to host your landing page on a Ucraft sub-domain. Let us now quickly figure out the many things you can do with Ucraft.

Complete Web Design Solutions

Ucraft can be used to design stunning websites within minutes and that too without using a single line of code. As you get started, you can either design a website from scratch or choose one of the many website templates available and customize it. Either way, Ucraft makes it easier for you to design web pages by structuring every page into 3 parts — Header, Body, and Footer — so you need to add in the blocks, accordingly. You may also save up blocks under your Ucraft account and use them at a later stage.

Although it is a matter of choice, we strongly recommend using one of the many free templates available. That helps simplify the entire process and minimizes the time and effort required to design a website or a landing page. As Ucraft makes use of drag-and-drop blocks, it feels like Elementor on Steroids. The dashboard is extremely fast, which makes website management faster and more convenient.

Responsive Design

If you have ever used WordPress as your website builder and landing page builder, then you know the complexities involved in optimizing your website for mobile devices. That’s primarily because most free WordPress themes allow desktop versions only. The versions meant for mobile devices are often made available only with the premium version of the templates.

Else, you need to use additional plug-ins to further optimize it for various devices such as phones and tablets, based on the platform that they run on — Android and iOS. However, if you use Ucraft, none of that is required because Ucraft offers adaptive design. This means, your website would readjust itself based on the device that it’s accessed from.

Multi-Lingual Website and Landing Page Builder

Don’t allow language to create barriers and limit your audiences. Instead, make use of this landing page software that allows you to quickly translate the content into various languages. Plus, you don’t have to do this manually or download a ton of plugins to facilitate that. Ucraft detects the local language of your users by the IP and automatically translates the content, accordingly. This allows you to better connect with those belonging to various countries and ethnicities. If you run an affiliate marketing website and wish to target audiences from various countries, then this feature can truly make a difference. With this innovative feature, Ucraft allows you to break the linguistic barriers and reach out to a larger audience.

Easy-to-design Layouts

Ucraft has done all the necessary research and put together several well-designed ready-to-use blocks that help you create amazing websites and landing pages. Some of those include FAQs, testimonials, and other sections that most businesses need. In fact, you also have the option to save the blocks that you design, which is excellent for freelance designers and digital marketers. It allows them to create multiple designs and then get feedback from their clients.

Access Management

Most online businesses require multiple resources accessing the back-end of their website. This includes Authors, Editors, SEO experts, Digital Marketers and your Sales team. Each of them requires a different level of access and this is something that you can do quite easily with Ucraft. By limiting the access to those working on the backend, you ensure better security.

Powerful Media Library

Ucraft comes with a powerful media library that allows you to add audio files, videos, and images with outstanding effects. You can share some cool tracks from iTunes and SoundCloud to make things more entertaining for your visitors. Also, if you have a ‘how-to’ blog then using Ucraft can be of great use because it allows you to easily embed or upload videos. However, if you are uploading videos, you need to do that in the MP4 format.

Also, you get access to free images and icons from Unsplash and Nounproject. That allows you to add images without having to leave your Ucraft dashboard. Also, you can add a title, description and loading effects to your images. However, doing this in WordPress would not only be time-consuming but could also risk your security through third-party plug-ins.

Secure eCommerce Toolkit

For those involved in e-commerce, complying with PCI DSS becomes mandatory and that requires you to implement several security measures. However, Ucraft makes this convenient by bundling up most of these requirements into its e-commerce toolkit and freebies. This includes encryption through free SSL certificate, choice of over fifty secure payment gateways, and more.

Also, the e-commerce toolkit includes other e-commerce essentials such as secure import or export of CSV files, inventory tracking, and shipping assistance through premier carriers. As you would be doing all of this from a single dashboard, you save up time. Also, you eliminate the risk of using third-party plugins that could contain malicious codes.

Ucraft’s dashboard also allows e-commerce websites to arrange for store pick-ups, which makes it an excellent option for dropshippers. Again, the store has all the functionalities required to cater to global audiences. This includes the translation of the product catalogs and e-commerce pages, which Ucraft makes possible through the hreflang attribute. To further eliminate the need to download any third-party applications, Ucraft also offers currency selection and tax calculation features.

Promotional Toolkit

If you run an e-store or any other type of business that involves frequent promotional campaigns, then Ucraft’s dashboard has that sorted out for you. Besides acting as your landing page builder, this SaaS solution also allows you to generate discount coupons, shoot emails to those who abandon carts, sync various leading online marketplaces, and even customize your invoices according to your brand’s identity.

So, you can power-up your marketing campaigns by using discount coupons, subscription forms, and more. Also, you can strike conversations with your potential customers through Live Chat, Zendesk chat, Facebook Messenger chat and other premier chat engines. This ensures a personalized experience for your users.

Also, you can easily integrate other leading digital marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Algolia, etc… If your business organizes frequent workshops or events then you can also sell tickets on your website, through Eventbrite.

Landing Page Software

Ucraft is one of the lesser-known landing page builders that you can use to quickly get started with your campaigns. As a digital marketer or an affiliate marketer, you know how often you need to launch campaigns within a couple of hours. That’s precisely what this landing page software helps you do.

Moreover, with Ucraft landing page builder, you can create landing pages even if you do not own a domain or web hosting. As this landing page builder runs on Google cloud, you need not worry about your landing page’s loading speed or uptime.

However, if you wish to purchase a domain and launch your website before starting your promotional campaign, then you may do that through Ucraft’s website builder. Furthermore, Ucraft provides free SSL certificates and unlimited bandwidth with all its plans.  

This works extremely well for those who are just stepping into affiliate marketing because you don’t have to invest in a domain or a website. You can simply use the Ucraft subdomain to host your landing page and put in your affiliate links. Although owning a website is no longer a necessity under most affiliate programs, having one helps build more credibility.

If you cater to global audiences and wish to connect multiple domains with various country-wise extensions, then that requires a lot of technical skill. However, Ucraft keeps it straightforward and allows you to feature content in various languages, automatically. So, the visitor would view content in a language that’s suitable for them, based on the IP that he or she is using.



Back in the year 2018, Ucraft priced its services based on what the user wanted to create — website, landing page software, logo maker, or store builder. Back then, if you only wanted to create a landing page then you could do that for free.

However, currently, Ucraft offers an entirely different pricing model, which is based on the type of end result that the user desires. At present, Ucraft offers 4 plans — Free website, Pro website, Pro shop and Unlimited. All these Ucraft plans come with unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to host unlimited pages. You also get free web hosting, free SSL certificate and more.

Plus, the free 14-day trial allows you to test the waters before making a final decision. A point to note is that the free version of this landing page builder comes with the Ucraft watermark, which is placed on your landing pages and websites. The only way to eliminate that is by purchasing a premium version.



Ucraft’s outstanding design solutions help small businesses and digital marketers create attractive web pages. In our opinion, Ucraft is the most ideal solution for bloggers, small businesses, boutique e-stores, and digital marketers. By using this landing page software, businesses can build stylish landing pages with all the necessary digital marketing essentials. If something’s missing, then you can conveniently integrate external digital marketing tools through Ucraft’s easy integration. Besides impeccable design, this platform also allows you to track real-time analytics that helps you calculate click-through rates. With so many outstanding features, Ucraft also offers a 14-day free trial period with no credit card attached to it. So, go ahead and unleash your creativity and craft your landing pages and websites with this SaaS solution.

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