Booster Theme: The Best Theme For Your Shopify Store | Review 2021

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E-commerce is booming in the world right now. Thousands of marketers are trying to make the most out of their business through this sector. However, when it comes to run a thriving e-commerce landscape, the website theme plays an exceptional character. It should get designed according to the best UX/UI metrics. 

Everybody of us knows about Shopify and has also witnessed its enormous contribution to the e-commerce panorama. There are tons of themes available for designing an online Shopify store. But, the best I have seen is the Shopify booster theme. And the online platform that can help you to grab the best nuances of this Shopify theme is the Booster Theme. Yes, this company named after this premium theme. 

Booster Theme got started by Justin B. and Mark L. in Montreal, Canada, in the year 2016. According to them, they are backing approx 6700 Shopify stores presently. Besides, they have observed an increment of 57.3% in the conversion rate of those Shopify stores, which are making use of their Booster theme. And, as per their analytics, this theme is 2.1 times faster than other regular Shopify themes. 

In this booster theme review post, we’ll discuss everything about the it, including its features, advantages, disadvantages, pricing details, and more. 

Booster Theme Review

The overall performance of an e-commerce website depends on many factors. Amongst those, specific product descriptions, web page snippets, and convincing aesthetics play a substantial role. However, parameters like website loading speed and an authentic website landscape are also something you cannot overlook.

For your information, Booster Theme possesses all these very characteristics that your Shopify store should have. Also, if you select a booster theme above other themes, then you don’t have to create a number of complicated java scripts. Because, in this, you get access to various in-build functions, where there is no need to install numerous applications. That, of course, adds more to the website loading speed and indirectly to the high conversion rates.

There’s much more that you can enjoy by using this premium Shopify theme. So, to know more profound insights about the Booster theme, let’s first see some top properties of it.

Top Functions of Booster Theme- 


Upgraded Product Pages: 

Booster Theme is potentially known for playing with the aesthetics of their product pages. They always try to add more features and credibility to the product pages. So that, optimize the sales process more and more. Recently, in their Booster 3.0 updated version, they have introduced two new product page designs. First is Marketplace, while the other is Standard. 

By making use of these two new product page layouts, you can showcase your products in a better way, in front of viewers. Resultantly, motivate your customers more in order to make a purchase. 

Excellent Multilingual Support:


It’s one of the prominent features of booster Theme. In the case of most of the Shopify stores, multilingual support does not go beyond more than two languages, at maximum. Whereas, Booster Theme provides multilingual support in the following ten languages-

1. Spanish.

2. Dutch.

3. Italian.

4. German.

5. English.

6. Portuguese (For Portugal).  

7. Portuguese (For Brazil).

8. Japanese.

9. French

10. Danish. 

As a result, you can seamlessly market your products in any of the following languages. And to the people who belong to any of the mentioned countries. 

Perfectly Optimized For Mobile Users:

According to statistics, about 2 billion people do online shopping on their mobile phones. And at least 95% of people go for online research about products on mobile devices finally before making a purchase. 

That’s why mobile optimization is a must for your online Shopify store. Thus, buyers don’t come across any trouble if they access your Shopify store on their mobile phones.  

However, the booster theme got designed perfectly according to the mobile optimization parameter. Here, I’m not saying this only regarding the design and layout of the booster theme. But, I’m also talking about the other significant elements of your e-commerce website like product name, description, cart options, and more. That will appear amazingly on your Shopify store if you make use of a booster theme. 

Enhanced Cart Page Functionalities:


The cart page plays a crucial role in the seamless interface of an e-commerce platform. Although, many times, it has seen that many e-commerce marketers don’t make use of cart page on their shopping website. It might be because they think the absence of a cart page can fasten their sales process. Well, it can be, but the use of the cart page can also increase your sales revenue if things get done with proper marketing. 

If product copy and urgency snippets of your website are immeasurable, then it can happen that customers will add multiple products to your cart. But, if there will be no cart page, how they do this. That’s why an optimized cart page is necessary for your e-commerce panorama. 

However, the booster theme provides you with a fully enhanced functional cart page for your Shopify store. That will increase your sales conversion rate to another level altogether.

Integrated Sales Pop-ups: 

It’s a fact till the time you don’t have exceptional products to offer to people, you have to take your website appearance factors seriously. And that precisely what booster theme ensures. 

I am not saying that after your e-commerce platform becomes successful, it doesn’t matter how your website looks. Of course, it matters, but not that much when you have just barely started your e-commerce career.  

You might be wondering what these fake sales pop-ups mean. Let’s understand with an example, how this feature of booster theme can help your Shopify store. 

How many of you prefer shopping from a store that’s completely new and also has no sales references? I am sure no one. Most of us buy things from popular shops only, which also recommended by many people. 

That is what precisely happens in the matter of online Shopify stores. In case if it does not look convincing enough and busy with elements like sales pop-ups, product recommendations, and sales offers. Then, people may not take your website seriously and come out of it without making any purchase. 

So, the presence of fake sales pop-ups creates urgency amongst visitors, moreover pushes them to give your products at least a try. Shopify booster theme 3.0 update integrate this feature amazingly with Shopify stores and make your e-commerce platform looks trustworthy. 

However, in the case of other themes, for integrating this feature, you have to install various applications that cost thousands of bucks. 

Visitor Count Display Frame : 

It is another one of the best features you can access via a booster theme. In accordance with the visitor counter, customers get to see a fake visitor count on your website. That will tell them how many people are online at the store at that point in time. 

Confused? How is it going to help you?

Let’s assume that you are buying a product from an e-commerce website. But, suddenly, you glanced at the visitor count that shows 60 visitors are active right now looking for the same product.

So, in this situation, would you afford not to buy that product? It will definitely create a feeling of urgency inside you and motivate you to purchase that product at the very moment. 

That’s it!

Incorporation of Geo IP Currency Converter:


GEO IP currency converter is one of the most crucial elements for an e-commerce platform. With the help of this converter, people get to see the expenses in their native currency type. It helps them to estimate how much money they are going to spend on your Shopify store. 

Most of the e-commerce platforms make use of currency converter applications on their website. That adds more pressure on their bank balance as well as make their site look cluttered and decreases the website loading speed. 

However, with the premium Shopify theme like the booster, you can get it right there on your website, without paying separately for the currency converter applications. 

Easy To Customize Exit Intent Pop-ups:

Exit-intent pop-ups are meant to be a very relevant overlay regarding higher conversion rates. Because, when visitors try to navigate away from your website, it helps hold on to visitors for more time by offering special offers.  

That’s why your exit intent pop-up must have all the convincing elements. I can assure you that with the booster theme, you can develop compelling exit pop-ups. So that, it would become near impossible for visitors to ignore them. 

So, whenever people try to leave your product page, they will get to see an exit pop-up with captivating discount offers. 

Promotional Countdown Timer Setting: 

As, I have already mentioned above that how a sense of urgency creates adrenaline rush inside buyers and motivates them to purchase at the same point. 

That’s why features related to this sort of selling, such as promotion counter timer, play an extraordinary role when it comes to marketing products. 

Most of the time, promotional counter timers don’t execute with the right planning. As a result, people get indicated that they are fake timers and implemented only for increasing sales. 

Therefore, the use of promo countdown timers should be done carefully. And for that, most importantly, you shouldn’t implement them in all your products, but only on some of the chosen products.  

If you go for buying promo countdown timers separately, you will have to spend a massive amount of money. But, in booster theme, you can get them without spending a dime. 

Other Related Products Section: 


Booster theme’s this attribute will help buyers in finding relevant products on your Shopify store. Without spending much time searching for products, through this feature, they can look for a variety of similar products. 

By using booster them, you can make sure that your visitors get to see a section of other related products at the bottom of different product pages. Because, you also know that not many people opt for the “Add to cart” option always. 

That’s why this feature can tempt people’s attention towards your other similar products and might will make them buy those products. 

Directly To the Checkout Page:

As a matter of fact, e-commerce sales funnels, which consist of less possibility of distractions, ends in higher conversions. Therefore, the inclusion of too many cart pages in between the sales funnel can make your prospects lose interest in your products. 

So, the option of a direct checkout page can help you big time. How? 

According to the direct checkout characteristic of the Shopify stores, buyers would not become distracted, as they will end the sales process directly by landing on the checkout page. 

With the help of the booster theme, you can access this feature right there free of cost. However, in most of the other Shopify themes, this attribute can only get accessed by paid applications. 

Clarity Between Shopping Offers And Call-to-action: 

Free+shipping offers have become very commonplace in businesses for persuading customers to take emotive purchasing decisions. However, the ineffective use of this business strategy can also lower your conversation rates. How?

As we all understand, people love to buy things free of cost. Although, due to the advancement in social media platforms, human reach to information has increased. Due to that, they have heard various scams about free stuff. 

Consequently, with time, they have become a little more careful when it comes to these free shipping offers. That’s why the use of free+shipping offers also pushes customers to see you with a quite skeptical vision. Because, anybody would feel why you’re selling stuff free of cost. 

However, the main motive of marketers behind this selling method is to provide products cheaply. So that, they always able to generate small and stable profits. But, as I mentioned above, due to the skeptical nature, this business selling can also lower your conversion rate. 

In the booster theme, you can access advanced free+shipping customizable pages and make sure that visitors able to comprehend the differences between shopping offers and call-to-action. 

Upsell And Cross-sell Notifications:


Here’s another advantageous e-commerce trait you make use of by one and only booster theme. Through upsell and cross-sell pop-ups, buyers get to see notifications about products on the basis of various functionalities. Some of them are similarities, discount offers, features, and more. 


However, these notifications generally displayed after when customers click the “Add to cart” option. Booster theme provides this feature for free of cost. But, in other Shopify themes, you have to spend about $588 annually to acquire these two attributes. 

Ease While Updating Theme:

All the Shopify themes, paid or free, demands updation. And for that, you have to re-download that theme from the beginning, which is really a time-taking process. 

However, in the booster theme, you get an application called booster updater app, through which you can surpass this time-taking updation procedure in no time. So, with booster theme, updation is not more daunting!

Pricing Insights Of Booster Theme- 


Booster theme comes with three different pricing packages-

1. Single store license- $179

2. Two stores license- $297

3. Five stores license- $497

If you are a starter in the e-commerce field and going to open a completely new Shopify store, then I would suggest you purchase a single store license package. Later on, you can upgrade your single store license to two stores license at a $297 price. And if you are doing so, then you only have to pay an extra sum of money. Like, in a single store plan, you were paying $179, and now you’re upgrading it to two stores license, so you only have to invest $118. 

No matter whichever license package you’re using, you will get one-year free update support with Booster Theme. But, after completion of one year, you have to pay $97 annually to renew your store license. It is valid in case of all three pricing packages of this premium theme. 

Pros and Cons Of The Booster Theme- 



  1. Upgraded Product Pages.
  2. Incorporation of Geo IP Currency Converter.
  3. Visitor Count Display Frame. 
  4. Easy To Customize Exit Intent Pop-ups.
  5. Promotional Countdown Timer Setting.
  6. Directly To the Checkout Page.
  7. Other Related Products Section.
  8. Clarity Between Shopping Offers And Call-to-action.
  9. Upsell And Cross-sell Notifications.
  10. Ease While Updating Theme.


It’s a bit expensive.

Final Thoughts- 

According to me, considering everything, the Shopify booster theme is one of the best premium themes. You can use it to generate a higher conversion rate for your Shopify store. 

As, I wrote above, yes, this theme is a bit on the expensive side. But, if you have adequate money to invest and if you really want to kick start your dropshipping business, then there’s nothing better than Booster theme. Go and buy it as early as possible! 

If you people have something more to share about the Shopify booster theme, so please comment in the section below.

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