Free Website Templates from WordPress vs MotoCMS Review 2021

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WordPress is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular platforms for building websites, and it comes with a lot of free website templates. However, having a beautiful design is not enough.

In 2020, the page load speed of your website is a big deal, and unless you get that right, your online business isn’t heading in the right direction. Ever since Google adopted the Mobile-First approach, speed has become the most talked-about aspect of technical SEO, and for a good reason. At present, users do not have the time and patience to wait for slow-loading pages. As a result, Google does not show up such websites at the top in order to deliver a superior user experience. So, the free website templates won’t do any good, but in this Moto CMS review 2021, we’ll provide you with a workaround.




Why is Speed important? 


Google and other search engines have seen a sharp rise in the number of mobile device users. Plus, mobile users often access information on-the-go and do not have the time or patience to wait for long. So, you need to choose the right tools to keep your website’s speed up and to deliver the kind of user experience that Google expects.

Your page load speed largely depends on two factors — your web hosting service provider and the Content Management System (CMS) that you use. Although you can find several open-source CMS, they aren’t going to do you any good in the long run. For example, WordPress websites tend to bloat up with time, which gradually slows down the website. So, what you need is a more powerful alternative, and in this Moto CMS review, we will provide you with one.


What is Moto CMS?




Moto CMS is a powerful website builder that has numerous free website templates, out of which you can choose anyone you like. Initially, the Moto CMS Flash Templates were available, but HTML templates and Moto3 Templates were gradually released. With the recent updates to the Moto CMS, the Moto CMS version 3.3.0 completely supports PHP 7.2. Moto CMS and its team have evolved with technology, and the journey is bound to continue with regular updates.

According to Moto CMS, it takes about 1.8 seconds page load time, which is a lot lesser than WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace- some of the most popular CMS. However, there is a lot more that this tool delivers, and in this Moto CMS review, we would like to explain in brief why you should choose Moto CMS. By the end of it, you would know the downsides of using a free CMS, free website templates, and free chart maker.


WordPress’ Free Website Templates vs. Moto CMS Templates 


With a large majority of the internet being powered-up by websites that run on WordPress, you may wonder whether you need to invest in a paid website builder. The answer to that question is a BIG YES! In fact, the glitches that come with open-source CMS and free website templates are the very reason why paid CMS exists.

WordPress websites have experienced some serious security concerns, and to overcome that, you need an alternative website building solution. That’s where Moto CMS comes in exactly and helps website owners protect their customer data. Unlike WordPress, Moto CMS is safe from third-party plug-ins and the potentially dangerous malicious code that comes with it. Third-party developers have developed most free website templates and plugins available in the WordPress repository, and have no high-security standards.




Yet another problem that comes with WordPress CMS and its free website templates is that it bloats up over time, which can be harmful to your page load speed. Plus, WordPress isn’t the most convenient and reliable CMS for small businesses that need to compete with other content-rich websites. As the website management, SEO, and other requirements of small business websites differ from that of blogs and other content-rich websites, there was a sheer need for a more powerful CMS like the Moto CMS.


Why Choose Moto CMS? 


Moto CMS offers comprehensive website management tools and solutions, so if you are an Expert who only needs a few tools to get started, then you can pick those. On the other hand, if you are someone who needs a friend who can hold your hand and walk you through the entire website set-up process, then you can count on Moto CMS and its incredible support team. From content creation services to discounted web hosting, there’s nothing that Moto CMS does not provide you.

Moto CMS and its wide range of services ensure that you don’t have to rely on third-party service providers for anything. It minimizes the possibilities of security breaches, which are unavoidable when you outsource website set-up and management to remote employees or freelancers. Let us now discuss some of the most popular services offered by Moto CMS.




CMS Hosting 

Are you tired of looking up for free website templates, free chart maker plugins, and free logo maker software? Then its time to accept defeat and invest in the right tools and technologies — most importantly, a powerful website builder. Speaking of website builders, we have two categories — Downloadable software and cloud-based CMS.



InMotion Hosting is one of the leading web hosting service providers, and if you do not already have one of their web hosting plans, then you can subscribe to its Moto CMS hosting plans begin at $3.49 per month. With this hosting plan, you get unlimited disk space and $250 in ad credit. It includes $100 worth of Google Ad credit, $75 Bing Ad credit, and $75 Yahoo Ad credit.



SiteGround is one of our favorite web hosting service providers that like to keep things simple. This super-fast web hosting service provider is fully compatible with Moto CMS but is ideal for smaller websites. We say this because the Moto CMS SiteGround plan only allows 10 GB Disk Space and is priced at $3.55 per month. You can still create unlimited e-mail accounts with this hosting plan.



The Moto CMS Bluehost web hosting plan begins at $3.95 per month, allows 50 GB Disk space, and lets you create 5 e-mail IDs.


Customizing Templates and Launching a website




Once you purchase a Moto CMS template, then you are provided with a unique license key on the e-mail ID that you registered. Along with that, you would also receive detailed instructions on how to carry out the initial set up and where to enter the license key. Unlike free website templates, the Moto CMS templates are not common and make your websites stand out. Moreover, Moto v.3.3 onwards, its templates fully support PHP 7.2 and contain several powerful in-build widgets.

All the Moto CMS templates that you purchase are fully customizable and easy to readjust according to your preferences. In case you are creating a website from scratch, then Moto CMS can do this for you, and that too for a nominal fee. This service is perfect for those who are starting a brand-new website and are yet to purchase a web hosting plan. We say this because Moto CMS offers free web hosting with its website creation services.


Template Customization by Moto CMS

Priced at $89
Free 1-year web hosting
Free SSL Certificate
Design services for 6 pages
Active Contact Form


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Content Creation


Now that there’s someone to design and build your website, you are probably thinking of hiring someone to create website content for you. You would have to look up and find a Content Writer, Video Creator, and more. Worst of all, you need to find the right ones and negotiate a deal with them, which can be a tedious task. Therefore, Moto CMS makes this easy by offering paid copywriting and video content creation services.


Logo Design


A picture speaks a thousand words, and that’s exactly how important your visual creatives are, whether that’s your brand’s logo or the images that you use on your website. You may wonder why you need a paid service while there are so many free logo makers out there. Well, that’s a good question, but if you don’t already have an answer, then it’s evident that you haven’t used a free logo maker until now.




Most free logo makers offer both free and premium versions, and obviously, the free ones come with some sort of a restriction, which is either based on quality, background, file format or in some other form. If you do not want them on your logo, then you would have to buy their premium version. Also, you need to let your creativity flow (which isn’t easy) so that you can come up with an awesome design.

Moto CMS simplifies this for you by designing a brand-new logo or redesigning your existing logo for you. The team also presents the logos in various logo design formats, which allows you to choose the most attractive one.


Logo Design Services 

Priced at $97
Ready-to-use logo design
Takes a maximum of 10 days
Includes 2 Revisions


Free Stock Photos 




In this Moto CMS review, we have already emphasized the importance of visual creatives, but as you may already know, you need to pay through your nose for highly attractive premium images. That’s because the free ones are usually of inferior quality and often irrelevant. At the most, you may find one that is vaguely relevant, but you don’t have to settle in for that. Moto CMS offers its users 15 free premium images of their choice from DepositPhotos, which has over 50 million images available in its repository.




You need to invest in your online business to be successful at it, and there’s no way you can cut corners and expect outstanding results. It may have been possible ten years ago, but at present, the competition is stiff. So, if you are serious about taking your website to new heights, then a free website template won’t do. As mentioned earlier in this Moto CMS review, you need to get over the “free” stuff and bank on more reliable tools to take the next big leap.




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