Ecomhunt Review 2021: The Best Platform To Find Winning Products Everyday

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The Internet has completely taken over the world within a couple of last few years. Nowadays, most of the people prefer making money online. And why not, as it is one of the most effective ways to do so. However, putting bread on the table through the Internet is not that simple. It requires all your blood, sweat, and tears. 

But, if you know exactly what you want to sell to users out there online, then nothing can stop you from running a successful venture. The quality of the products you sell matters the most. Because, it defines the credibility of your business in front of the users. 

As we all know, presently, Shopify has become the best eCommerce platform in the world. It is all because of its seamless integration to launch online stores. A large number of online sellers are using it to kind of get into the zone of eCommerce. Besides, Amazon, eBay, and many other tools are also doing great in this field. 

The point is how to sustain the trustworthiness of people on your eCommerce landscape. And the best answer I know about this is to cater to the masses with the best products. Daily, thousands of products get launched on the web. Some of them are worthy of people and some not. 

The involvement of products on your Shopify or Amazon or eBay store that is not reliable for users can question your business authenticity. That’s why the products you choose to sell must be of high-quality and best of the slots. However, platforms like Ecomhunt can help you big time regarding this. How? Let’s see!




What Is Ecomhunt? 

Ecomhunt is an advanced product curation software. It gets updated with new products each and every day. You can see insights about hot and various Shopify related products on it daily. Moreover, access data like Engagement, Links, Product Video, Facebook Targeting, Offer types, Facebook Ads, and much more about winning Shopify related products through it. 


But Why Only Ecomhunt?

Many of you might think about why you should only use Ecomhunt and not any other product curation tool. So, the thing is that on Ecomhunt, you not only get to know about the trending and winning Shopify related products. But, with it, you also can see the insightful details about them, such as Facebook ads, profits, analytics, links, videos, engagement, and targeting. 

That definitely you perhaps not get on other conventional product finding tools. Right! Hence, you should give Ecomhunt a try to understand what more you can perceive in comparison to other fundamental product research software. 

In this Ecomhunt review post, you are going to learn in-depth details about it, including its features, working, pricing, and lots more. 


Ecomhunt Review 2021:

Basically, the functioning of Ecomhunt consists of these following top attributes. So, let’s first start this Ecomhunt review post from them!


As we have discussed above, how Ecomhunt not only works as a Shopify related product hunting software but also provides data and stats regarding them. It’s a fact that competition in the market these days is hot as hell. That’s why to stand out from the competition you have to do something extraordinary. And high-quality product offering is the best you can afford. 

By using Ecomhunt, you can also extract the following information concerning the winning products-


Facebook Advertising Attributes-

In accordance with this option, you can see all the Facebook ads that are running for that specific product. Furthermore, you might also obtain the links of stores running those Facebook adverts. 


Product Profit Insights- 

According to this section, you will get to know about the trending status and the total number of orders for Shopify related products. Along with all this, you can also access the information concerning the engagement metrics and profit margin for different hot products.

The social media statistics are also available in this option, where you can see the number of likes, shares, and comments a particular product is getting. So that, you can accordingly select the products. 


Get Compelling Ad Copies- 

It’s quite evident that the more compelling your product copy will be, the number of people get attracted. With Ecomhunt, you get ingress to precise product copies that you can add to your website. 


Interests Of Audiences- 

It is one of the most quintessential attributes of Ecomhunt. Following this, you get to know about the characteristics of audiences that are interested in some specific product. That will apparently make your targeting strategies even more powerful and on point. 



Authentic Product Feedback-

As we all know, how much customers reviews matter when it comes to product credibility and usefulness. That’s why, nowadays, most of the buyers prefer reading feedback of existing shoppers before giving any product a trial. And, with Ecomhunt, you get to know the feedback of customers for different Shopify related products. 


Access To Insightful Videos-

Not surprisingly, videos have become the most impulsive form of media. According to this, you can grab the undivided attention of masses towards your products. Ecomhunt understands this word-by-word. So, they provide you tools by which you can download different Facebook ad videos for your product presence. 


Other Important Benefits Of Ecomhunt:

Other than the above-advanced functions of Ecomhunt, you can approach the following extra perks-


Webinars & Tutorials-



With Ecomhunt, you can see webinars on different topics. In addition, tutorials are also present right there on trending subjects. However, not all the webinars and tutorials are accessible for free users. Some of them are reserved for pro members only. 


Must-Have Shopify Apps-



Under this section of Ecomhunt, you will see a complete updated list of trending Shopify products. By which, you can stand tall against your competitors. 


Winners Club-



In the Winners Club of Ecomhunt, the hard work of their users gets celebrated.


Ecomhunt Pricing Plans:

The pricing plan of Ecomhunt is available in two sections-




1. Free.

2. Pro version.


With the free pricing plan of Ecomhunt, you can only make use of its limited features. However, with the Ecomhunt pro pricing model, you will reach to all the advanced functionality of it. The data regarding the winning products, comprising, the profit margins, engagement metrics, Facebook ads, and all lies under it. For getting into the pro pricing plan, you have to pay $29 per month. 



Final Thoughts: 

Considering all the aspects discussed in this Ecomhunt review post, I conclude that Ecomhunt really deserves a try. It’s one of the best-advanced product hunting tools we have with us. By using it, you can not only get to know about the trending products but also become aware of their useful insights. 

Go and try it now!!

Have you something more to add in this Ecomhunt review post? If yes, then feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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