Site123 Review Post-2021: By Far The Best Free Website Builder That You Can Get

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The website optimization, according to the best searchable and marketing tactics, has become the need of the hour. Because, if your website has all the prominent assets of the web landscape, then people will acknowledge it tremendously. 

However, in accordance with the statistics of 2019, there are almost 1.94 billion websites in the world. That’s why making your website above to others is tough. Doing this is not impossible if you make use of any credible platform for your website creation. 

When it comes to one of the best free website builders, the name of Site123 comes in at the top of the list. Here’s why!

SITE123 - Website Builder

Why Only Site123?

Site123 is a free website builder in recent times. It not only helps users to develop a well-optimized website but also assists them to set-up an online store. It is very straightforward to use and quite economical to purchase. 

Of course, it also has a premium pricing model. According to this, you can access its advanced features. In comparison to other website builders, Site123 provides you insightful attributes at zero cost. 

In this Site123 review post, we’ll talk in-depth and detail about its features, pricing, and other aspects. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the Site123 review 2019!


Site123 Review 2021: 


Topmost features of Site123:


An Abundance Of Compelling Templates-

It can be said as one of the most powerful features of Site123. You can access a wide range of template designs for your website creation via Site123. They possess several templates as per different themes. Go and choose the best for your website! 




Brilliant Mobile Responsive Interface-

As we all know, nowadays, most of the online activities take place on mobile phones. That’s why your website should respond flawlessly to cell phones. In the case of Site123, you don’t have to worry about this at all. As, they provide users the best ever mobile responsive web interface. 


Outstanding Integration With SEO Tools-

By using Site123 for your website creation, you don’t have to make use of SEO tools separately. Because, in this, you get catered with the seamless interface of the best SEO tool along with website builder.



Get Access To Custom Domains-

With the use of Site123, you can enable custom domains for your website formation. That obviously adds much to your website finance side. Additionally, Site123 provides its users with the free domain along with an annual aggregate. 

SITE123 - Website Builder

Enjoy Free Hosting At Your Fingertips- 

I’m sure there is no need to emphasize the importance of secure hosting services even more. As, we already understand how hosting service aspects can make and break the credibility of your website. Site123 is setting an example by providing a complete secure hosting service for free. 



Build An Online Sell Store In No Time- 

It is a feature that makes Site123 even more desirable for businesses. By using it, you can set-up your online store in no time and start selling your products right there. 


Integration To PayPal Payment Method-

Site123 consists of a PayPal integration tool. By using which, you can add a PayPal payment option on your website and help your customers to make a purchase effectively. 



Alignment With Third-Party Plugins-

By means of Site123, you can integrate third-party plugins into your online store. You can align with different types of plugins to your websites like chatbots, marketing software, and much more. 

SITE123 - Website Builder

Customizable Order Forms Are There-

Site123 also has an attribute for customizing order forms. Following this, you can make your order forms look different and revived every time to different customers. 




Availability Of Time-Saving Traits- 

Site123 also has many traits regarding saving your time. Like, through the comments auto-confirmation aspects of it, you can manage your comment box to an altogether different level. On the other side, the Site123 inventory system lets you choose between the manual or automatic tracking of your product stocks. 


Other Pioneering Functionalities Of Site123:


Live Chatbot 24X7 Accessibility-

site123-pricingBesides all the above-progressed features, the 24×7 live chatbot attribute of Site123 is something that will make you fall for it. By using which, you can ask them whatever you want around the clock and seek their helpful advice for your website development. 


Create N Number Of Webpages- 

It is another well-curated functionality of Site123. In accordance with this, you can create n number of webpages for your website. That definitely helps you to market your business content in a thorough way. You can add blog pages, hiring pages, event pages, and all on your website. 

Moreover, you can also create a buzz about your upcoming websites by using pages like under construction and more. It all adds brilliantly to your business advertising tactics. 


SITE123 - Website Builder


Supports Multiple Languages- 



You can develop multilingual websites by using Site123. It provides users with advanced language software to create websites in their native languages. Site123’s dialect translator works for a number of languages like British English, American English, Scottish English, and more. 


Now, It’s Time To Discuss Site123 Pricing Details:


The pricing plan of Site123 is divided into two categories-

1. Free.

2. Premium.


In the free Site123 pricing model, of course, you get access to a lot of functionalities of Site123. However, if you want to give an unusual edge to your online store, then here is the premium plan for you. 

In the premium plan, you have to spend $ 5.80 /Month. According to this, you can get the following benefits to ace up your sleeve-

  • Free Domain for one year.
  • 10GB storage.
  • 5GB bandwidth.
  • Remove the Site123 floating tag.
  • Connect Your Domain.
  • E-commerce.

SITE123 - Website Builder

Final Verdict: 

By taking all this into account, I can say that Site123 is the best free website builder you can ever get. However, the premium model of Site123 can enhance your online store credibility to another space. Site123’s seamless integration with SEO tools and multiple language translator makes it even more desirable and worthy for your use. 

Have something more to include in this Site123 review post? If yes, then don’t forget to comment in the section below!

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