AMZScout Review 2021: Get LifeTime Version at $169 instead of $199

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Your Amazon selling journey begins with the choice of the right products to sell, and that’s anything but easy. We are completely aware of the challenges that you face, while trying to set up a successful Amazon selling business. By the time you have read through this AMZScout review, you would know how you can overcome every challenge that you face as an Amazon Seller.

In this AMZScout review, we will reveal some valuable tips that you can use to effectively make use of this Amazon product research tool. Before we get started with this AMZScout review, we are happy to announce that we have an exclusive AMZScout discount offer for you. Our AMZScout Discount offer Is exclusively available to our readers so make sure to read until the end, to get the most out of this AMZScout review.

What is AMZScout?

As an Amazon seller, you have a limited budget that you must utilize to cover up various costs — from purchase to promotions. To make your journey a whole lot easier, you need to start on the right foot and that is only possible by choosing the right product to sell.

Simple as this may sound, there are several challenges that you need to overcome while choosing a product that is most likely to fulfill your expectations. This is where a tool like AMZScout makes things easier for the seller. It allows you to do your product research in no time by facilitating product research through its two tools, the web application, and the chrome extension.

Although, in most cases, choosing one out of the two AMZScout tools would suffice, you may consider picking both as each uses a different data collection technique. The Chrome Extension connects through the Amazon API while the WebApp is a cloud-based solution that also stores data for future reference.

AMZScout Review: What makes it the best Amazon product research tool?

We know the complexities involved in choosing the right product to sell on Amazon, especially if you are just about to kick start your online selling business. You need to select a product, source the products at a profitable price, calculate other potential costs and more.

During this phase, investing in an Amazon product research tool that costs a few hundred dollars isn’t desirable. Nonetheless, you need to do your product research. After all, you don’t want to end up choosing a product that’s saturated or lacks demand. That’s the reason why we recommend that you make use of this Amazon product research tool.  Let us now understand some of the key benefits of using this Amazon product research tool.

Choose the right niche

So, you are passionate about sports? Particularly cricket? Then you probably want to start selling cricket bats, balls and other accessories, but wait a minute. You like cricket and your opinions barely matter while you are selling on Amazon. As a matter of fact, Sportspersons are quite choosy about their gears and mostly prefer to buy what they see. So, it is more than likely that they would head straight to a brick and mortar store to purchase a cricket bat or other expensive sports gear.

However, there is always a possibility that working parents without much time could be looking out for cricket balls, soccer balls or other sports accessories online, for their kids. The only way to be sure of this is by confirming that there is a demand for that particular product. In fact, it would be wrong to stop there, and you need to do more comprehensive niche-level research.

Now, you may ask why you need to pick a niche because Amazon allows sellers to sell across multiple niches. Yes, agreed that’s true but as an Amazon Seller, you need to think out of the box. By branding yourself in a particular niche, you expand your horizons considerably. Now that’s exactly what we are trying to help you do with this Amazon product research tool.

Set your Targets

Without a definite target, you would be lost in the Amazon jungle and so you need to have a clear figure before you. If you wish to make $1000 in one month, then you need to select a product that can help you get there. Now that requires some hardcore research, but most Amazon product research tools are too expensive. This is where AMZScout fits in perfectly well because its affordable, and lets you filter products through its 40 plus filters.

So, if you want to make $1000 in one month, then you need to choose a product that would sell for at least $50 per piece. Now if you tried doing this without an Amazon product research tool, then it’s not going to be easy. Plus, none of those tools are inexpensive or come with a beginner-friendly UI. To help you overcome this hurdle, we bring you the AMZScount Discount Code.

Get Life Time Version at $199 $169

Coming back to setting your profit goals, let’s assume that your profit margin for a particular product is 20 percent. In that case, you would have to sell at least 50 units in a month, to earn that $1000. Since AMZScout lets you sort out products in a particular category by price ranges, this becomes convenient.

Know your competitors

Unless you are a seasoned Amazon Pro with a heavy pocket and are willing to invest heavily in PPC, you may not be able to crack any sales. So, choosing products randomly wouldn’t work for most newbies, especially in highly saturated niches like electronics and apparel. So, the only way to succeed is by evaluating the performance of current listings, posted by other sellers. This is essential to understand how stiff the competition is so that you can plan your promotional campaigns accordingly.

AMZScout helps you do all of this and more through its valuable insights. If you have a modest ad budget, then we recommend that you choose products with an estimated sale, which is at least 4x the units that you must sell in order to earn desired profits. This calculation is based on the assumption that you would be able to capture a fourth of the total sales through PPC and other promotional activities.

As mentioned above, to earn $1000 in profits, you need to sell at least 50 units. So, while doing your product research, find a product with an estimated sale of at least 400 units (4x 50 units). Although this may seem time-consuming, it takes less than a minute to pull out this data by using the price and estimated sales filters in AMZScout.

Cash-in on the trouble areas

As an Amazon Seller, you need to keep looking for opportunities that you can take advantage of. One way of doing this is by looking for products with low ratings and a lesser number of reviews. At this point, you must know that AMZScout’s filters allow you to easily narrow-down products based on ratings and the number of reviews, so it’s just a matter of few clicks.

If you are wondering how this helps, then here’s the deal! By sorting out products that have lower ratings and less than a hundred reviews, you are identifying a low-competition product with problems. So, there’s a product, for which there’s a demand, but that demand isn’t satisfied due to inferior products. Now your job is to offer them a better alternative.

Know what’s trending

It is worth mentioning in this AMZscout review that time is of essence, and this Amazon product research tool helps you make the right move at the right time. This is extremely beneficial for those selling seasonal products, as you need to know when to increase your product’s price.

With simple and easy to understand graphs, AMZScout shows you exactly when the demand for a particular product goes up. Also, you can sort out the data based on various Amazon marketplaces, so if you are selling swimming costumes across the globe, then know exactly when there’s a demand in Madrid, Spain, and when you need to run PPC in Dallas, US.

If that sounds exciting and you are eager to buy your AMZScout subscription, then we have an AMZScout Discount Offer that makes your purchase more valuable.

Competitor Research

No online business can run profitably unless you spend some time knowing what your competitors are doing right, and you aren’t. AMZScout makes that easier by pulling out data connected to your competitor’s listings. Once you know the top performers, you can formulate the right strategy to get ahead in the race.

This becomes easier with this Amazon product research tool because you can track item-wise sales and pricing data, which gives you the real picture. Moreover, AMZScout’s intuitive dashboard also provides future estimates based on previous data. This helps you get a fair clue of the road ahead and plan your inventory, ad budget, and pricing strategy accordingly.

Get the Real Data

The problem with most Amazon product research tools is that they provide quantitative data without focusing on the qualitative aspects. For example, you cannot sort out products by returns, which is extremely important to eliminate the possibility of losing out on potential profits due to re-shipping.

Another factor that most Amazon product research tools miss out on, is to allow the exclusion of sales figures generated through sponsored ads. AMZScout allows you to do this, which lets you take a sneak peek at the real data. Then, depending on which product listings are doing well, you can plan your strategy.

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout is the most reasonably priced and accurate Amazon product research tool, which is ideal for both beginners and pros. You can either install the chrome extension of this tool in your Chrome browser or use the web app on any other browser of your choice. So, based on which tool you need the most, you can choose one of the below mentioned pricing plans.

AMZScout WebApp Pricing Plans

AMZScout offers 3 pricing plans, which are distinguished based on the number of products that you wish to track.

Basic Plan

  • Priced at $29.99 per month
  • Allows you to track up to 20 products

Start Plan

  • Priced at $39.99 per month
  • Allows you to track up to 40 products

Business Plan

  • Priced at $59.99
  • Allows you to track up to 80 products

Common Features of the Basic, Start and Business Plans

  • Access to Product Database
  • Keyword tool
  • Product idea generator
  • Product recommendations
  • Product Tracker
AMZScout Chrome Extension Pricing Plans

The AMZScout Chrome Extension offers two pricing plans — Monthly and Lifetime. The Monthly plan is priced at $44.99 and the Lifetime plan costs $199.



In this AMZScout review, we have provided a snapshot of what you can do with this Amazon product research tool. However, the possibilities are endless and if you really want to try your hand at it, then don’t forget to use the AMZScout Coupon 2020, that we currently offer.

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